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Coinbase was initiated as an exchange platform for the cryptocurrency that has contributed towards shaping the new digital world that humanity is living in. As most of our lifestyle and soothe, somehow, comes from digitization, the invention of the cryptocurrency added a lot of value.

Coinbase did not take much time to realize that it has a distinct growth in the field and people might need a safe space to keep their crypto funds, it launched the Coinbase. Here, in this read that is all you’d be reading about.

You should also know that Coinbase took its first steps by collaborating with Bitcoin and later moved to add other cryptocurrencies that successfully overcame all the barriers and proved their compatibility with Coinbase’ decentralization criterion.

So, let’s move on to learning the Coinbase login steps, and understand how you can acquire your Coinbase Account with the same credentials (linking Coinbase account). You’ll also get to know the features, benefits, transferring of crypto funds from your account to the wallet and vice versa.

How to create a Coinbase login account?

Although it is recommended to have a Coinbase account to use the Coinbase Wallet, it isn’t a mandatory regulation. Thus, for those who want to go for the former recommendation, enlisted are the steps you’d have to undergo:

  1. Getting into the Coinbase website is your task.

  2. Provide the data that you need to for the process.

  3. Review and ensure the validity of provided data.

  4. Share the number you use for your smart phone.

  5. Give it some time, till you receive the code.

  6. Use the code to complete the verification process.

  7. Provide the site with a state-issued ID to finish.


  • Your number will be used further for the 2-step verification process that is directed towards bettering the security.

  • Providing the social security number (SSN) is considered a crucial part of the signing process.

  • You are required to add details of your bank/card to start with deposits and withdrawals via your Coinbase account.

Know what the Coinbase Wallet is

You are familiar with the fact that Coinbase directs all its services towards making crypto trading and investments smooth and safe for you as it involves several crypto transactions.

Talking about safety, in a world dominated by a continuous ongoing fear of cyber threats, you definitely would require a place to store and manage your crypto funds. That is exactly, why Coinbase Account was given life.

Understand the features of the Coinbase Wallet

Before you start using the said best crypto wallet, you must know what features the Coinbase Account entails. Thus, read on to know what they are:

  • Can be described as a digital safe for storing crypto money

  • Can be used to trade and earn interests on DEXes and over 500 assets.

  • Coinbase account is not a pre-requisite for the application

  • Best of all, it is a free crypto wallet service for crypto enthusiasts.

Now, let’s learn about other important things of the Coinbase Wallet that might enhance your experience with digital wallets:

  • You get access to trade and invest in a wide variety of compatible crypto tokens like UNI, TLC, ETC, LINK, USDT, BTC, USDC, BCH and so many more.

  • You get to benefit from the Secure Enclave, which is an exclusive biometric authentication, along with optional cloud backup for keeping the private keys safe.

  • You will have access to various Coinbase account collectables (digital) that is aimed at making your experience more fun and exciting such as Kitties, Punks, etc.

What are the perks that a Coinbase offers?

Listed below are the major benefits that a Coinbase Wallet can offer its users:

  • Currencies compatibility- At present, a Coinbase Wallet offers you to store Ethereum, Bitcoin, ERC 721 collectables, and ERC20 tokens. You can also keep the bought tokens from the sale event of ICO tokens. And the word is out that soon it will work and support Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash.

  • Connectivity or system compatibility- You can use it on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad (with iOS 11.0 and newer), Android smart phones and tablets (OS must be Android 6.0 and later).

  • Compatibility with countries- Users all around the globe can get access to the Coinbase Wallet service as it doesn’t require your location as long as you have legal acceptance for crypto (like USA, EU, Canada, Japan, UK, Australia, etc).

How to connect your Coinbase account to Coinbase Wallet?

Enlisted are the steps you’d have to perform to connect your Coinbase account to your Coinbase Wallet for better utilizing the app:

  1. Begin with launching the app on your smart phone.

  2. Get into the “Settings” section of Coinbase Account.

  3. Locate and hit on the “Connect to Coinbase” key link.

  4. Move forth by following all the displayed prompts.

Learn how to transfer crypto funds to Coinbase Account

Following are the steps you’d require to transfer your crypto money to Coinbase Wallet from your Coinbase account:

  1. From your smart phone’s home screen go into the Coinbase app.

  2. Spot the “Settings” section and hit on it to move to “Buy or Transfer”.

  3. Settle on compatible crypto and submit the desires amount.

  4. Hit “Continue” and move forth by following all the on-screen instructions.

Know how to transfer crypto from Coinbase Wallet to account

Let’s look at the steps that would lead you to successfully transfer your crypto funds from your Coinbase Wallet to your Coinbase account:

  1. Start with launching the Coinbase application on your smart phone.

  2. Hit on “Send” and submit the desired crypto amount for transferring.

  3. Settle on the compatible crypto coin and go for hitting the “Next” key.

  4. On getting prompted to submit the address, ensure selecting “Coinbase”.

  5. Move forward with following all the prompted steps to close the transfer.

Note: If for some reason, you do not opt for linking your account to the Coinbase app, you can still be able to transfer your crypto money to your Coinbase account. You just have to copy your account address and paste it into the address field at the time of the transfer procedure.


Coinbase is a globally renowned cryptocurrency exchange platform and it launched a safe storage application for the users to safeguard their crypto funds known as the Coinbase Wallet.

It is not necessary to have a Coinbase account to use the wallet app, however, it is recommended, for which you’ll find the login steps above, along with features and benefits of the wallet.

And the read would end with procedures to link your Coinbase account to the Coinbase Wallet, transferring crypto from the Coinbase account to the wallet and vice versa.

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